The Role of Expectation

The role of expectation is fundamental to every relationship. We expect our friend to call, but she doesn’t and we are disappointed. The disappointment creates distance and the next time you see your friend it is felt by both creating more distance. Who is at fault: the friend that failed to call or us for expecting something without ever saying so and thinking she should have known? Expecting your spouse to take out the trash or your relative to give you a better deal on a car.

As you can see managing expectations is crucial to any healthy relationship. The same is true with our relationship with God. We want something really badly and we pray for it and then expect God to hear our prayer. How often does the granting or denial of the prayer request impact our relationship with God? Wish granted we draw closer, wish denied we pull away.

Establishing an ongoing, unwavering connection to Christ is the key. A life of prayer and a life where the expectations are focused on God’s grace and goodness. Of course it sounds easier that it is to out in practice but we all strive for better relationships and we can start by managing our expectations!


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