Cross The Magic Threshold!

If you walk through the Milan airport to the train station there is a dark passageway with a stream of foggy mist coming out of the center. Some mysterious slide images are projected on the far wall. It is a modern art exhibit entitled The Magic Threshold. It’s a surreal experience that reminds me of our initial steps in faith.

Often times we start our walk in Christ in a dark place in our lives–a time when we can’t clearly see the way forward. The fog and haze confound us and make charting a productive and positive course all the more difficult. It’s precisely these times when we desperately pray to God to light the path.

Although we may pray the hardest during these difficult times, we cannot know God’s plan for our lives. Perhaps there is a trial we must go through or a lesson we must learn in order to fulfill God’s will for our future. This dark, foggy chasm between our offered prayers and God lighting our path we could call the magic threshold of faith–believing that God will guide us out of the darkness even when we can’t see the path ahead.

Crossing the threshold in faith is the key to a fruitful relationship with Christ. Each time we cross a threshold, we gain confidence in our relationship with Christ and our path toward God. As our relationship deepens the chasms in our life become more manageable–not as dark, not as foggy and certainly not as wide. This is the beauty and magic of faith.  Cross the magic threshold for God is with you!


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