Need A Stronger Connection? Start With The Cable!

Recently, I had trouble getting my old truck started. I checked all the usual suspects like being out of gas, having no spark, dead battery, bad starter, etc., but to no avail. After hours of frustration, I did what I usually do in these cases and called someone smarter. Together we ran down the usual checklist again only to discover I had overlooked the most basic component: the battery cables–the first place I should have checked.

Battery cables are essential because they carry the current that is needed to make our cars go. Over time cables can get corroded especially around the terminal, but this is usually easy to spot. In my case, I’d already cleaned the visible corrosion and reattached the existing cables.  What I hadn’t done was to inspect the cable itself. Battery cables consist of many strands of copper wire. Those individual strands become brittle with time and begin to break.  Corrosion can creep down the cable to areas that are not readily visible or are covered by the protective sleeve.

In this instance, the cables were brittle, broken and corroded under the rubber sheath. (There is another analogy here.)  When this occurs, the cables can’t carry the current and overheat causing the car not to start. Moreover, the original cables were undersized meaning the cables only had the bare minimum number of strands necessary to carry the current. Thus any breakage or loss in conductivity created a problem. The solution was quite simple: install a new, larger uncorroded cable with more strands and bigger wire to carry the current.

As it turns out, our relationship with God works like the battery cables. Our relationship once established can grow brittle if not renewed. Over time, life can wear on the wires that tie us to God causing them to corrode and break. When this occurs, we often find ourselves crying out to God for more revelation and power and we get frustrated and overheat when it doesn’t come. As you can imagine, the power of God comes with lots of current. It takes a healthy cable with many strands to carry the power. If God sent all the power we needed at once it wouldn’t be received because our cables or connection wouldn’t be strong enough to handle it.

Much like a battery, we can increase our connection to God by increasing the size of our cable and adding strands. In the spiritual realm we do this by increasing our communion with God.  Communion according to one definition is “the sharing or exchange of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.” Prayer, reflection, church attendance, acts of Christ are all examples of communion with God. As we increase the quality and frequency with which we connect to God, we in turn increase the capacity to receive God’s power and revelation.

Need more Godly power in your life? Replace worn and broken cables and you’ll have a fresh new start!


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