Misstepping Into Our Destiny

If you are like me, you have often wondered about God’s plan for your life. The Holy Scriptures tell us our steps are ordered, but at times it is difficult to assess whether we are on any path at all much less the right path according to God. At other times we are obviously on the wrong path and we wonder if we left God or God abandoned us. These missteps and doubts are more common than you think and are a natural part of living our faith. In fact, doubting and misstepping your way into your destiny may even be necessary to achieving your full God-given potential.

God has designed a unique and magnificent destiny for each of us. However, whether or not we will achieve the fullness of that destiny has not been pre-determined. In other words, we are handed Godly inspired and Godly given potential, but our choices will play a large part in determining whether we will live up to that potential.

As we make our way in life, there will inevitably be missteps, setbacks and poor choices. We may begin to question whether God indeed has a plan for us.  The combination of our missteps and doubt may even temporarily or periodically turn us away from God.  Yet, it is important to remember without missteps and doubt there is not an opportunity for God to work in our lives.

We are children of the high most God–a God of restoration and rebirth. Without missteps there is no renewal, without failure no triumph and without sin no salvation. Thanks to grace we never lose our ability to achieve our full destiny regardless of our prior missteps. These missteps help us unlock our character and release our destiny. While we may doubt our choices, we should never doubt our destiny.

The achievement of our potential comes when we decide to push past the missteps in our lives, when we overcome the doubt that comes with life’s uncertainties and turn our lives toward God. In life, we may not always make the right choices or know the reasons why certain things happen, but we must never lose sight of the fact that our full potential in God awaits us even as we misstep into our destiny!


(Editors note: This post was originally titled “Stepping Into Your Destiny” and focused more on the questions surrounding predestination. However, I kept coming back to it because I felt it missed the central aim of this site which is to focus on the questions surrounding our daily  walk on the wayward path to God. I hope this version better honors that commitment.)




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