Finding Your Spiritual Yoda!

The first time I saw Star Wars, I immediately identified with the underlying premise. The storyline of the never ending clash between good and evil is as old as humanity. Those of us who have had a more wayward path to our relationship with God can readily identify with the movie’s premise and the characters’ struggles to find greater purpose. The uncertainty of making the right choices in our lives looms ever present and finding the right force to guide us is vital.

Often times in our quest to make the right choices, we have a longing in our spirit to feel a more intense connection with God, a yearning for divine guidance and direction.  In these moments it can seem as if the more we strive to achieve closeness, the more elusive it is to our spiritual grasp.  We all face times like this and so it is important to realize the elusiveness of spiritual guidance is not due to the absence of God’s presence, but rather it is a function of the dissonance surrounding our search. Unharmonious elements in our lives can drown out the quiet affirmations of God and keep us from getting a handle on the proper direction for our lives.

In these instances, prayer and reflection are always helpful.  In addition, it is essential to have someone we can turn to who has a powerful connection to God. While none of us has a full grasp on God’s will and power, all of us can identify people we know or have run across who amaze us in their spiritual developement. Friends, relatives, siblings, parents, work colleagues, neighbors, worship leaders and pastors alike can have these incredible spiritual connections.

These special connections do not come with position but by the development of one’s gift.  Not everyone has the same spiritual gifts, but for some their relationship with God is developed to such an extent that they can serve as spiritual mentors and thus guide others through difficult times. In fact, the Scriptures are replete with examples of people and leaders who were mentored by someone that had this strong connection. Joshua was mentored by Moses, Timothy by Paul and the list goes on.

Mentors are important to our spiritual growth. Our individual spiritual connection ebbs and flows in our daily lives, but we can manage those fluctuations much better when we have access to our own spiritual mentor. Spiritual mentors have a way of grounding us, cutting through the dissonance in our lives and helping us to clear the path toward a greater connection with God. In the vernacular of Star Wars, we all seek to use the force of God for good in our lives and at our most difficult times when direction eludes us, it certainly helps when you can rely on a mentor. So go forth and find your spiritual Yoda!




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